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Zotero 4.0

Zotero 5.0

Zotero Website


Zotero Program Icons

Icon Description Dialog
ZoteroIcon1.png New Collection...
ZoteroIcon2.png Start a new collaborative bibliography group like Heisenberg
ZoteroIcon3.png Actions ZoteroIcon3a.png
ZoteroIcon4.png New Item ZoteroIcon4a.png
ZoteroIcon5.png Add Item(s) by Indentifier
ZoteroIcon6.png New Note ZoteroIcon6a.png
ZoteroIcon7.png Add Attachment ZoteroIcon7a.png
ZoteroIcon8.png Advanced Search
ZoteroIcon9.png Quick Search ZoteroIcon9a.png
ZoteroIcon10.png Locate ZoteroIcon10a.png
ZoteroIcon11.png Sync with Zotero Server

Zotero MacWord Icons

Icon Description Default Short cuts
ZoteroIcon12.png Insert Citation Control-Option-a
ZoteroIcon13.png Edit Citation Control-Option-e
ZoteroIcon14.png Insert Bibliography Control-Option-b
ZoteroIcon15.png Edit Bibliography Control-Option-d
ZoteroIcon16.png Refresh Control-Option-r
ZoteroIcon17.png Set Doc Prefs Control-Option-p
ZoteroIcon18.png Remove Codes

Zotero MS Word 2013 Icons

Icon Description
ZoteroIcon19.png Insert Citation
ZoteroIcon20.png Edit Citation
ZoteroIcon21.png Insert Bibliography
ZoteroIcon22.png Edit Bibliography
ZoteroIcon23.png Refresh
ZoteroIcon24.png Set Doc Prefs
ZoteroIcon25.png Remove Codes