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  • WARNING FROM NIH: Some PDF conversion software reduces font size. It is important to confirm that the final PDF document complies with the font requirements.[1]
  • Determining and Changing Font Size in Adobe Acrobat, so that it is 11.04 pt
    • WARNING: Changing the Font Size only works partially. To do it correctly on a Mac, you need to select EVERY single textbox. Very tedious.
    • MS Word in Windows makes 11 pt PDFs that are 11.04 pt, not 10.8 pt like the Mac. Also, the underline is weak on the Mac.
  • What NIH recommended font takes the least amount of space?
    • Arial (11 pt.): Average width = 5.82 pt.; Average Characters per inch = 12.
    • Slightly less than Helvetica font.
  • Table of average widths and characters per inch for the NIH recommended fonts

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